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Re: potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

> > * we reflect that debian is a mainstream distribution
> Windows is a mainstream operating system, and it releases every two or
> three years or so.

Don't compare with windows, compare first with other linux distributions
as redhat, suse, caldera, mandrake and also corel. We (debian) were
one of the three global players in the beginning, but we are now something
between 5 and 10. 
Give others (companies) the chance to make debian better, and for this
we must be predictable.

I know, some or many debian maintainers will not that debian is a mass product.
It should be for the elite, mainly for ourself. These people should think about
atari and amiga. These computers were better then the wintel one. And, where are
these companies now?

> Personally, I'd think that one interesting mainstream market for Debian
> is in user desktops, which seem to me like they'd mainly want easy mass
> installs that don't have to happen very often. debconf will hopefully
> fixes the former, but the latter's hindered rather than helped by
> frequent releases.

mass / user / desktop isn't possible our main intention, but we should try it.

> There's something of a contradiction here, though: automated mass install
> via debconf isn't ready to roll with potato, so in one sense it'd be
> quicker to achieve this if we fixed debconf and release ASAP. But then
> again, I'm not convinced that taking an extra six months is going to
> really hurt anyone.

?? automated mass install is a goal for one of the next releases, that doesn't
hint us to relase a new version of debian. 

Debian must be installable, secure, easy adminable and upgrade capable
(with some new upstream topics). 

Thats all.  All others are goals (more or less). 

For me as a linux trainer, it is a pain to be forced to use suse or redhat. 



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