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Re: potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

Until I got my dsl connection would never have tried
to install a complete distro via the net.  I waited a
long time to upgrade from hamm to slink (while hamm
was so old as to be borderline useless).  I then had
to wait for cd's to be available from the shovelware
people (you know $1.99 a disk).

A while after potato was frozen I got my ISDL
connection up (finally, but don't ask!  Its hard to
soar with eagles when you have to  work with turkeys!)
 It's only 144k/144k but 24/7 and no tying up my phone
line.  So I got a new hd and installed potato over the
net.  (I may never buy another debian cd again!)

The point is I HAD to get potato even though it was
not yet "stable" if I wanted to use some of the newer
stuff.  (libc2.1).  Not that I prefer to live on the
bleeding edge (if I did I would be running slackware).

>Slink is so old now as to be borderline useless. 
>With its basis of 
>2.0 instead of 2.1, slink will not run the Sun JDK
>1.2.2, PostgreSQL 
>and all sorts of other things we need.  As a result,
>we actually have
>production web servers and database servers running
>on potato, which is
>not technically stable.  We regard this as extremely

Amateur Radio, when all else fails!


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