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Re: [owner@bugs.debian.org: Bug#63271 acknowledged by developer (New upstream that overcomes the 1024 limit)]

Don't miss related bug 61165...

Keep in mind that Lilo has supported booting from above the 1024-cylinder
limit for some years, using 24-bit LBA.  What is new is support for 32-bit
LBA, which allows booting from partitions larger than the 8.4 GB limit
imposed by 24-bit LBA.  The "linear" keyword enables 24-bit LBA, and the
new "lba32" keyword enabled 32-bit LBA support.  (LBA only works on a
compatible motherboard and BIOS.)

There was a recent erroneous post on Freshmeat about this.

-- Mike

On 2000-04-30 at 22:56 -0500, Erick Kinnee wrote:

> Do we really think that this new LILO package has no palce in potato?
* * *
[quoting bug 63271]
> > Package: lilo
> > Version: 1:21-14
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > I think it would be a great service to provide a version of LILO that
> > can overcome the 1024 limit. Many folks might find it quite useful.
> we do provide lilo_21.4.2 in woody.
> it's inclusion in potato has been refused by Richard.

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