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Re: Bug#63213: cfsconfig not marked executable

> > Does anyone know who I get to fix this?
> Try extracting the package with dpkg-source -x *.dsc in a temp directory,
> and executing dpkg-buildpackage -B from the newly-created package directory,
> that way you're bound to catch most errors the build daemons would.

Basically the problem comes from you having it 755 in your local tree.
dpkg-source creates a diff of those files, but it doesn't give 0.02 about
the perms. So when anyone (not just autobuilders) go to build the package
from that source, that file is then 644.

Josip gives the proper solution. Instead of using cp in debian/rules to
put this file into the debian/tmp/, use "install -m755 ...".


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