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Intent to create "Cross-compilation environments"


On browsing through the prospective packages list, I noticed there
was an expressed desire for cross compilation environments.

I am currently involved in embedded Linux related work using 
Debian, and am building such packages independently. 
I am pleased to be able to offer my services to Debian to
act as maintainer of these packages.

I feel that I would be good for this role because I've been
working with the GNU toolchain for the past seven years. 
My role has been to build, release and support GNU based native
and cross toolchains, so I am quite familiar with how the
pieces of the tools fit together. 



Frank Smith, MCompSci
Principal Software Designer      frank.smith@amirix.com
AMIRIX Systems Inc.              http://www.amirix.com/
77 Chain Lake Drive              902-450-1700 x289 (Phone)
Halifax, N.S. B3S 1E1            902-450-1704 (FAX)

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