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What about a non-free compiler? (Re: new port: debian-win32. when ?)

Imagine that someone purchases a compiler that generates
executables much better optimized using IPA and all other
tricks that an expensive non-free compiler would pull. Now,
the compiler is non-free, not even distributable, but
assume that the packages are compilable under a free compiler
say gcc/g++ beside the non-free compiler. Would it be okay
to distribute package binaries generated with the non-free compiler?

My guess is that it would be okay, even better. What
do you think? If there is a compiler that does a better
job than gcc, I'd like to try binaries done with that.
It may sound a bit contradictory with Debian's status
at first, for instance Debian doesn't use a commercial
search engine at the home page. But assume that the non-free
alternative is so much better, and a free alternative won't
be here for a long time, and the non-free component
doesn't have to be included in the distribution. Nor does
any build operation depend on it. Then what?
(Also assume that all binaries and debugging information
produced by the compiler is entirely compatible with gcc,
but perhaps not with the g++ front-end)

PS: I'm not referring to any existent product. I only
know of KAI C/C++ which might function as a replacement,
but I don't think it has the sort of compatibility outlined
above. Or does it?

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