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Bug#60573: /dev/null: permission denied

Here's my selection of packages, when the bug occured:

a2ps      install
aalib1      install
adduser      install
ae      install
alien      install
apsfilter     deinstall
at      install
autoconf     install
automake     install
base-files     install
base-passwd     install
bash      install
bash-builtins     install
bc      install
biff      install
bin86      install
binutils     install
binutils-dev     install
bison      install
bsdmainutils     install
bsdutils     install
bzip2      install
cdda2wav     install
cddb      install
cpio      install
cpp      install
cron      install
data-dumper     install
dc      install
debhelper     install
debianutils     install
dialog      install
diff      install
djtools      install
dnsutils     install
doc-debian     install
doc-linux-text     install
dosemu      deinstall
dosfstools     install
dpkg      install
dpkg-awk     install
dpkg-dev     install
dpkg-mountable     install
dpkg-multicd     install
dpkg-perl     install
e2fsprogs     install
ed      install
egcs-docs     install
electric-fence     install
exim      install
exmh      install
fdutils      install
file      install
fileutils     install
findutils     install
flex      install
freetype1     install
g++      install
g77      install
gawk      install
gcc      install
gcc-docs     install
gdb      install
gettext      install
gimp      install
gimp-data-extras    install
gimp-nonfree     install
gpm      install
grep      install
groff      install
gs      install
gsfonts      install
gzip      install
hostname     install
iamerican     install
ibritish     install
imagemagick     install
info      install
isapnptools     install
ispell      install
kbd      install
kbd-data     install
kdeadmin     install
kdebase      install
kdebase-i18n     install
kdegraphics     install
kdelibs2g     install
kdelibs2g-dev     install
kdemultimedia     install
kdenetwork     install
kdesupport0g     install
kdesupport0g-dev    install
kdeutils     install
ldso      install
less      install
lesstif      install
lesstifg     install
libaudiofile0     install
libc5      install
libc6      install
libc6-dbg     install
libc6-dev     install
libc6-pic     install
libcanna1g     install
libcompfaceg1     install
libdb2      install
libdb2++     install
libdnd1      install
libesd0      install
libg++2.8.2-glibc2.1    install
libg++2.8.2-glibc2.1-dbg   install
libg++2.8.2-glibc2.1-dev   install
libg++272     install
libgdbmg1     install
libgimp1     install
libglib1.1     install
libglib1.2     install
libglib1.2-dbg     install
libglib1.2-dev     install
libgpm1      install
libgpmg1     install
libgsm1      install
libgtk1      install
libgtk1.1     install
libgtk1.2     install
libgtk1.2-dbg     install
libgtk1.2-dev     install
libgtk1.2-doc     install
libgtkmm     install
libgtkmm-dev     install
libhdf4g     install
libhtml-parser-perl    install
libident     install
libjpeg62     install
libjpeg62-dev     install
libjpegg6a     install
liblockfile0     install
libmagick4g     install
libmd5-perl     install
libmime-base64-perl    install
libmpeg1     install
libncurses4     install
libncurses4-dbg     install
libncurses4-dev     install
libnet-perl     install
libopenldap-runtime    install
libopenldap1     install
libpam0g     install
libpam0g-util     install
libpaperg     install
libpcre1     install
libpcre2     install
libpgsql     install
libpng0      install
libpng0g     install
libpng2      install
libpwdb0g     install
libreadline2     install
libreadlineg2     install
libreadlineg2-dbg    install
libreadlineg2-dev    install
librpm1      install
libstdc++2.10     install
libstdc++2.10-dbg    install
libstdc++2.10-dev    install
libstdc++2.8     install
libstdc++2.9     install
libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1    install
libtermcap     install
libtiff3g     install
libungif3g     install
libwww-perl     install
lilo      install
locales      install
login      install
lpr      install
lprng      deinstall
lynx      install
m4      install
magicfilter     purge
mailx      install
make      install
makedev      install
man-db      install
manpages     install
manpages-dev     install
mawk      install
mbr      install
mc      install
menu      install
mesag3      install
metamail     install
mh      install
mime-support     install
miscutils     install
modconf      install
modutils     install
mount      install
mpack      install
mpage      install
mtools      install
ncurses-base     install
ncurses-bin     install
ncurses-term     install
ncurses3.0     install
ncurses3.4     install
netbase      install
netpbm      install
netpbm1      install
netstd      install
newt0.21     install
newt0.25     install
nvi      install
passwd      install
patch      install
perl      install
perl-base     install
perl-suid     install
playmidi     install
plugger      install
postgresql-dev     install
postgresql-doc     install
printtool     install
procmail     install
procmail-lib     install
procps      install
psmisc      install
psutils      install
qt1g      install
qt1g-dev     install
raidtools     install
rcs      install
rpm      install
rstart      install
rstartd      install
samba      install
samba-common     install
samba-doc     install
sed      install
setserial     install
sharutils     install
shellutils     install
slang0.99.38     install
slang1      install
smbclient     install
smbfs      install
strace      install
svgalibg1     install
svgalibg1-dev     install
swat      deinstall
symlinks     install
sysklogd     install
sysutils     install
sysvinit     install
tar      install
tcl7.6      install
tcl8.0      install
tcl8.0-dev     install
tcsh      install
tetex-base     install
tetex-bin     install
tetex-extra     install
textutils     install
time      install
timidity     install
timidity-patches    install
tix41      install
tk8.0      install
tk8.0-dev     install
tree      install
type1inst     install
units      install
update      install
util-linux     install
wenglish     install
whiptail     install
xaw-wrappers     install
xbase-clients     install
xdm      install
xext      install
xf86setup     install
xfonts-100dpi     install
xfonts-75dpi     install
xfonts-base     install
xfonts-scalable     install
xfree86-common     install
xfs      install
xfstt      install
xlib6      install
xlib6g      install
xlib6g-dev     install
xmanpages     install
xmcd      install
xmms      install
xpm4.7      install
xpm4g      install
xpm4g-dev     install
xproxy      install
xserver-common     install
xserver-s3     install
xserver-vga16     install
xsm      install
xterm      install
zlib1      install
zlib1g      install
zlib1g-dev     install

Kind Regards,

Stephan Hachinger

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