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Re: apt-get should correctly process dependencies

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 01:47:46AM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:

> When the user already has an MTA, a mail-transport-agent dependency
> shouldn't change it to get the default one, that's what I meant.

But of course. My point was that when there is _none_ installed, the one to
pick should be the default, not any other.

> > This is a bug from mailx (AFAIK already submitted), but can't apt be enhanced
> > to work around this?
> It worked around it, by going on to the other part of the pipe. (it failed
> doing that, but that's another issue)

Ah, ok. I didn't understand what you were saying initially.

> The improvement in excluding it is that we wouldn't have to change those few
> packages that use default-foo | virtual-foo when changing the default foo.

Well, we _really_ didn't in this case :-)

> The negative effect would be that we could no longer have Depends:
> preferred-foo | virtual-foo, and that we'd have to implement logic to deal
> with the virtual package in dselect and others.

Don't you mean apt and other? As much as I like dselect, I don't think it
will have any future. If not for woody, then for woody+1 I think it will be
removed, but that's another issue :-)

> It seems to me that the negative sides outweigh the positives, feel free to
> disagree...

Humm... maybe.

> > > No, apt-get should have ignored the missing dependency because of the OR
> > > condition ("|"), and picked zmailer-ssl or whatever, not bail out.
> > 
> > Well, then _there_is_ a bug in apt. What the hell am I complaining about
> > since the beggining?
> Well, I didn't say that there was no bug in APT :)

Ok then. I'll file a bug against apt tomorrow, using the afected system (for
dependencies, config files, etc)


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