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Pgcc in Deb

Ingo Saitz wrote:

> $ apt-get source gcc
> $ cd gcc-2.95.2
> $ chmod +x debian/rules
> $ debian/rules patch
> $ zcat ~/dl/gcc-2.95.2-pcgg-2.95.3.diff.gz | patch -p1
> [You get 2 rejects that you can safely ignore]
> $ fakeroot debian/rules binary

It simply doesn't work... :-(

But thanks to you Ingo !

After 4 days, I have made a Debian Package of Pgcc.

I explain :
                    - I have taken the official sources of gcc of the
Debian potato.

                    - But, on my computer, it didn't compile with and
without the
pgcc patch !

                    - So, I took only the gcc sources, the new libg++
libraries and
the gpc sources from the Debian ressources, and I made a Debian Package

                    - Spécification ? Restrictions ? Yes !
                        This package work only on a >= i586 (sorry for
the guys who
compile on a i386 for a Pentium II) I thinked that if you use Pgcc, it's
you want a higher optimization than gcc (=< 486, Pentium)
                        And at the end, this package install itself in
the /opt
directory in order to respect the (hard) work of the Debain Mainteners.
because, I don't know how to make libraries package...)
                        Yes, my package is a huge package with all in
one, the
libg++, (p)gpc, (p)gcc, (p)g++, (p)java, (p)f77 etc...
                        It works well, and take the good libraries in
directories without destroy the normal lbg++ libraires.

You can get it at


That's all folks !


tel;cell:06 70 27 03 47
tel;fax:01 43 66 25 72
tel;home:01 43 66 25 72
adr:;;33, rue de la Mare;Paris;;75020;France
fn:Romain Chantereau

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