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Re: Bug#62699: cdparanoia should check/create the /dev/sg* devices that it requires.

On Thu 20 Apr 2000, Dale E. Martin wrote:
> > 
> > The cdparanoia install should check that the /dev/sg* devices that it
> > requires are available with proper ownership (root.cdrom) and
> > permissions.

> This is an interesting idea.  I would like to point out, however, that
> the /dev/sg devices are only required if you're using a SCSI cdrom drive
> or SCSI emulation on an IDE drive.  I used cdparanoia for several years
> with /dev/hd? devices and it worked OK.  (Using SCSI emulation does work
> better though.)  I don't see any harm in creating those devices,
> although changing the ownership if they exist might be a little shady.
> Also, there could be other SCSI devices the "cdrom" group shouldn't have
> access to.

This is a major concern I think, and best left to the local admin (i.e.
the person installing cdparanoia in the first place). If he want user
"joe" to be able to access /dev/sg2 for example, then he should chown
/dev/sg2 to joe.  Perhaps add a note in the postinstall about this.

> Some other concerns:
> 1) I don't have any idea what infrastructure already exists for such a
> feature.  Are there special Debian install tools dealing with the
> creation of devices?

You mean like /sbin/MAKEDEV ?

Paul Slootman
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