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Problems with /etc/init.d/* (netbase, portmap)

Hi all,

I noticed that many if not most of the files in /etc/init.d contain the
following expression:

test -f /sbin/klogd || exit 0

I would recommend this above line be changed to:

test -x /sbin/klogd || exit 0

The reasoning is pretty simple: if the file is not executable, the
script shouldn't try to run it.  I first noticed this with the
portmapper.  I don't want the portmapper to run on my box - there's no
need and I'd rather the portmapper not spew out information to whoever
asks.  Likewise, I don't want to run it and tell it not to give out any
information - I simply don't want it run.  Doing a chmod -x on it should
work but instead it produces an error.  I would like to remove it but a)
it's in netbase, which is required, and b) removing the file will leave
cruft and reinstall when I upgrade.

Of course, an upgrade will chmod +x the file so I'm still pretty much
SOL, but I noticed that this problem is quite widespread among these
files (I have 48 with test -f; 18 with test -x) and should be a simple


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