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Corel's distro and the GPL

All -

	I have been corresponding with Bradley M. Kuhn of the Free Software
Foundation about some concerns I have with the Corel distribution of
GNU/Linux (the downloadable ISO).  I mailed him a listing of all of the files
that are on the CD (it's large, so I didn't include it here).  I wouldn't
consider myself an expert, but the source for the Free binaries does not
seem to be there.  I think this would be a violation of the GNU GPL.	
	Bradley mentioned that the distribution may be based on the
Debian release, and that you all may have some insight into Corel's release. 
The source may be in files that I don't recognize.  I will be writing Corel
within the next couple of days.  If you have any insight, I would like to hear

Thanks in advance,

Tim Armbruster ---- www.tfarmbruster.com ---- armbrust@uswest.net

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