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Re: USB-backport 2.3.x for 2.2.14 in potato

Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 02:24:52AM +0200 Michael Vogt wrote:
> > nice. just couldn't test this because no USB hardware lying around... Has
> > anyone tested this? For which architectures it can be installed?
> I am propably not the best person for maintaing this patch either, because
> I only have some usb hardware at work, nothing at home.  AFAIK this patch
> works on all linux platforms. But the backport is not complete. Some hardware
> (e.g. no uss720.c, see http://www.suse.cz/development/usb-backport/ for more
> information) was not backported.
> > it's the same case - a patch (actually a module) for kernel, which most
> > people do not need. Of course, it would be nicer to have precompiled modules
> > for both packages, which would be much more acceptable for users. IMHO, you
> > can use the same make-kpackage program (which is in devscripts package,
> > IIRC).
> Thanks for this hint. I will have a look at this. Is it possible that you
> talk about "make-kpkg" (included in kernel-package) ? It seems to me, that
> it is not possible to make a kernel-modules package with this program (only
> a complete kernel-image, that includes the modules). What I am looking for
> is a way to make a package that does only contain the usb specific modules.

yes, I misnamed that program. It is make-kpkg and called as
make-kpkg modules_image 
creates the binary image just of a module

Better you read documentation of device-dfx-source, there's explained how to
do such a thing, and if you studied that package, maybe it would be easier
to figure out how to make everything.

> > not long ago released SuSe 6.4 includes USB backport to 2.2.14 kernel, which
> > we are talking about. It would be worth looking at their decisions or even
> > ask their developers for advice.
> I am not sure, but this might be excatly the patch that suse uses.  It was
> backported by Vojtech Pavlik. He works for SuSE. But I have no suse-distro at 
> hand to verify this. 

                        menESIs        (Gediminas Paulauskas)

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