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Re: USB-backport 2.3.x for 2.2.14 in potato

> > I made a kernel-patch-2.2.14-usb debian package. It is avaiable at
> > http://members.xoom.com/mydebs/debian/usb.
> nice. just couldn't test this because no USB hardware lying around... Has
> anyone tested this? For which architectures it can be installed?
I am propably not the best person for maintaing this patch either, because
I only have some usb hardware at work, nothing at home.  AFAIK this patch
works on all linux platforms. But the backport is not complete. Some hardware
(e.g. no uss720.c, see http://www.suse.cz/development/usb-backport/ for more
information) was not backported.
> it's the same case - a patch (actually a module) for kernel, which most
> people do not need. Of course, it would be nicer to have precompiled modules
> for both packages, which would be much more acceptable for users. IMHO, you
> can use the same make-kpackage program (which is in devscripts package,
> IIRC).
Thanks for this hint. I will have a look at this. Is it possible that you
talk about "make-kpkg" (included in kernel-package) ? It seems to me, that
it is not possible to make a kernel-modules package with this program (only
a complete kernel-image, that includes the modules). What I am looking for
is a way to make a package that does only contain the usb specific modules.

> not long ago released SuSe 6.4 includes USB backport to 2.2.14 kernel, which
> we are talking about. It would be worth looking at their decisions or even
> ask their developers for advice.
I am not sure, but this might be excatly the patch that suse uses.  It was
backported by Vojtech Pavlik. He works for SuSE. But I have no suse-distro at 
hand to verify this. 


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