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Re: Uninstallable packages

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000 at 11:25:14AM +0200, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
> arm, and hurd-i386 would be interesting, too.

Current stats, for potato:

     * i386         6
     * sparc       11
     * m68k        46
     * alpha       47
     * powerpc     64
     * arm         86

I'm told arm is actually trying to release with potato. Looks like they've
made a pretty impressive attempt so far.

For woody:

     * i386        88
     * powerpc    150
     * sparc      274
     * m68k       286
     * hurd-i386  571
     * arm       2890
     * alpha     3204

arm is missing its libc6.deb just like alpha's missing its libc6.1.deb. arm
is also somewhat out-of-date as far as recompiling unstable-only packages
at the moment, too, I think. As I understand it, arm is currently focussing
on potato, and doesn't have buildd setup properly, or something. I dunno.
hurd is significantly different to linux, so some of its dependencies just
don't make sense. There are versioned dependencies on netbase, eg, which
is a virtual package on hurd.

For comparison, `testing', which is basically potato + as many packages
from woody that are up-to-date, and don't have egregious dependency
issues, looks roughly [0] like:

     * i386         9
     * sparc       11
     * m68k        46
     * alpha       47
     * powerpc     54
     * arm         81

Anyway, http://auric.debian.org/~ajt/ and follow the links for the
uptodate info. There're lists of which packages aren't installable and
up-to-date on which architectures if you want to poke around and see
if you can help tidy things up. They're all re-generated daily, too,
so they shouldn't be much more than 24 hours out-of-date at any one time.


[0] I say "roughly", because the last time I fiddled with this by hand,
    I think the archive on auric wasn't properly synced, so I'm not sure I
    have actual .deb's for all the packages supposedly in testing. :-/

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