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install from a pile of floppies?

> you wrote------------------------------------------
Hi people,

Is it really still possible to install Debian
completely from floppy 
If so, has anyone done it recently? :)

I'm asking regarding section 2.5 of the FAQ, "Can I
install it from a 
of floppy disks?", 
It IS possible to install at least the base system
from floppies (but do you want to?).  In my case I
downloaded the rescue & root disks, all the driver
disks and all the base disks.  I then installed up to
the driver stage from floppies.  I never got past the
third base floppy without an error.  If you have a
dual boot machine and will down load everything (using
a different linux distro, or windows, or os2, or even
dos!) on the same machine so the floppies get written
on the same drive that will later read them you stand
a better chance of it working.  At least format the
floppies on the same drive that will later read them.
I ended up downloading the base.tgz image to another
disk partition and mounting that partition to install
the base system.  The rest I installed over the net
after I configured PPP.  

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