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Re: install from a pile of floppies?


I am installing Debian 2.1r5 currently from floppy diskes...
It is not easy to make the Floppys...

For example: Tools-Disk

First I have created a working mirror 2.1r5 on a Debian 2.1r2 System.
The system was installed from a CD...

Then I was looking, what tools I like.
OK, I habe choosen mc, floppybackup, mtools and gpm

Now in mc, you can select a *.deb file and press enter.
The fille will mounted and you find a file INFO go on it and 
press F3 for viewing. Now you must vie in the Depends: section...

This files are neccesarily for the program.

For example mc: libc6, libcomerr2, libext2fs, libgpmg1 libncurses4

Then you must know, if you install the rescue.bin drivers and the 
base2_1 disks that all files located in /main/base in the debian 
mirror are not neccesarily..

My Tools-Disk contains following:

/floppy/libs            libgpmg1...deb
/floppy/misc            gpm...deb
/floppy/otherosfs       mtools....deb
/floppy/utils           floppybackup...deb
/floppy/utils           mc...deb

Now you must get (it is better to do) in the root of the Floppy-Disk
/floppy and call dpkg-scanpackages

www:/floppy# dpkg-scanpackages -m 'Debian 2.1r5 Disk: Tools-1' . /dev/null
> Packages

On the machine where you like to install from Floppys put the Floppy in and

edit first /etc/apt/sources.list to 

deb file:/floppy/ ./

Then you must call apt-get with

newmachine:/# apt-get update

If you have more then one Floppy created, apt-get ask you for the next one 
or press q to quiet. And now you can install your programs like

www:/# apt-get install mc

Please use only the Packages-Name and not more...

If you like to install a Bunch of programs, make a new file and put the 
Package-Name you like to install in it. ONE LINE PER PACKAGE !!!
Now you can call it with

www:/# apt-get install $my_install.list

I hope this helps...


P.S.1:  Curently I am creating a cours for Linux-Newbies and I will put 
        the Ready-To-use-Disk-Images on my Server.

        tools (1x), router (2x), dns (2x), samba (2x) webmin (1x), 
        xserver (16x), fvwm (1x), perl5 (3x), apache (1x), mail (1x), 
        ftp (1x), games (5x), ... I am waiting for suggestions !!!

P.S.2:  I have a Laptop without a working serial-port (there was only one 
        and it is broken) and no CD-Rom... 
        ...I will install Debian from Floppys on it

At 16:15 11.04.2000 +0200, Josip Rodin you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
>Hi people,
>Is it really still possible to install Debian completely from floppy disks?
>If so, has anyone done it recently? :)
>I'm asking regarding section 2.5 of the FAQ, "Can I install it from a pile
>of floppy disks?", http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-getting.html#s-floppy .
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