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Re: Pgcc in Deb

I really don't want to see pcc optimized code in debian for a few reasons:
1. I don't own one and will not for a while now.
2. there's really no need as pointed out by other people
3. If you have optimized instructions you really can't run anything if you
have processor-1 or whatever and you get screwed.

All of these issues touch on backwards compatability.

If people want optimization then allow for *optional* packages that would
give optimization for various archietures and allow for the rest of the
stuff to be backwards compatable.

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Avijit Ghosh wrote:

> 	Incidentally if you are doing a lot of computationally intensive
> work it maybe worth buying a commercial compiler. We are using portland
> here (about $549 for a single node license (We got f77/hpf/cc/c++, its
> cheaper just to get C/C++ or f77)) but the code executes on an
> entire farm obviously) but I've used edinburgh in the past and tested a
> few others. In either case we  have gotten significant
> improvements..(20-30%) (tested on c/c++/f77 ) (To be honest g77 is
> abysmal so going commercial was not exactly something we had much choice
> on). 
> 	I've thought about running various bits of debian through 
> a commercial compiler but to be honest I think we aren't really
> spending that large of a percentage of the CPU on the OS itself (even
> X) so there really isn't going to be much to be gained unless of
> course you are spending days running povray or something that is
> integral to what is available in Debian. So maybe, it would be
> interesting if someone was overly bored and recompiled all of debian
> w/ say portland etc  to see what would happen :). 
> 	That said, I think maybe the best hope is x fingers and hope that
> SGI/Intel are doing cool things w/ compiler optimizations that will
> be folded into gcc and also to encourage all the smart compiler people to
> stop aligning themselves w/ commercial outfits and start working
> cooperatively on something like gcc/g77(which isn't maintained at all I
> believe).
> 	-avi
> 	(Who is not a smart compiler people)
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