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Re: Fed up by Lazarus Long ...

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Christian Kurz wrote:

> > 	You can also prolly reach him at another address using dynamic
> > DNS lazarus@overdue.ompages.com ... I maintain ompages.com's dynamic DNS
> > server and the whois server (whois.ompages.com) shows him online with
> > his ompages.com address...
> Great and where in the bug-reports is this address mentioned? He only
> uses the overdue.dhis.net-address and as there's no reply-to set, a
> maintainer will answer to this address. So it's up to the bug-submitter
> to make sure, that the report is send with an from or reply-to-header
> which includes a correct address under where is reachable. I can't be
> the job of the maintainer to figure out, how to contact the submitter.
> So it's nice that you tell us, that Lazarus has also an other
> email-adress which is working, but I find it unacceptabel for
> maintainers to first trying to figure out, how the submitter is
> reachable. If the submitter provides a wrong address and isn't
> reachable, the maintainer should close the bug after some time, if no
> one else notifies the problem and can answer the questions.

I agree here. Another problem is that users seeing the bug already
reported don't report it again and it's seemingly a rogue bug
however in reality it is a real one. I have a LL bug open right
now that I'm gonna close if LL doesn't reply.

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