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Re: "debian/rules build"again

"Jerry Zhou" <jzhou@acdcorp.com> writes:

[please reply to posts rather than creating a new thread for every
related subproblem]

> I try "debian/rules build" in my netbase package, I get info " debian/rules:
> No such file or directory".

Does "ls -l debian/rules" work? Are you in the right directory (use "pwd").

> I found a command "debian" in /usr/lib/dpkg/parsechangelog , I should use
> this command to build package?

No. Every debian source package has a "debian" subdirectory under the
package level. "debian/rules" tries to start the file "rules" in this
directory. (I recommend an introductory Unix book/text for more
elaboration about these things.)

Since it is a makefile, "make" is needed. Do you have this package


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