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Re: [WOODY/WOODY+1] Excess Internationalizion Data

David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e53cd.dhcp.okstate.edu> writes:

> > Hmm.. a general soltion (i.e. telling dpkg which directories should not be
> > installed) would be a nice idea.
> It's a general solution to a different problem. It's not a solution
> to this problem- do you really expect sysadmins to hunt down every
> directory that has> language specific stuff - some directories in
> /usr/share/locale, some (changing) directories and files in
> /usr/share/doc, some stuff in /usr/share/man and /usr/share/info (I
> don't believe there's seperation of docs by directory in the info
> system, is there?).

Which directories are you referring to? Concrete examples, please!

The base facility (telling dpkg not to install into certain
hierarchies) could be used by a more user-friendly frontend (i.e. one
you tell which languages you're interested in) which would forbid the
necessary directories automatically.

> This allows stuff like the all the translations of the debian-policy
> to go into one package, and it will get seperated out at the other
> end.

If you put french stuff under /usr/share/doc/fr/ or
/usr/share/info/fr/ this works.


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