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Re: How can I get debain linux command source code

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 10:24:24AM -0700, Jerry Zhou wrote:
> How can I get the source code for debain linux command like "ifconfig" and
> "insmod"

The Upstream Source is in the net-tools package, Maintained by Phil and me
(http://sites.inka.de/lina/linux/NetTools/) the debian version is packaged
in the:

4ecki@calista:~> dpkg -S ifconfig
netbase: /usr/share/man/de/man8/ifconfig.8.gz
netbase: /usr/share/man/pt/man8/ifconfig.8.gz
netbase: /usr/share/man/man8/ifconfig.8.gz
netbase: /sbin/ifconfig
netbase: /usr/share/man/fr/man8/ifconfig.8.gz

netbase package, which you can load from

  netbase_3.18-2.diff.gz       78 Kb    Wed Apr  5 09:17:00 2000 
  netbase_3.18-2.dsc          695 bytes Wed Apr  5 09:17:00 2000 
  netbase_3.18.orig.tar.gz    596 Kb    Fri Mar 24 13:20:00 2000 Unix Tape Archive

(to get the debian version unpack the orig tar file and aplly the diff.gz or
use 2dpkg-source -x netbase*dsc".

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