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Re: quick dpkg-scanpackages

On Mar 30, Nick Cabatoff wrote:
> Is there any way currently of adding to a Packages file
> incrementally?  Even on a fairly quick machine it takes a while to
> scan 500 packages, and when I've only changed 1 it'd be nice not to
> have to wait.
> If not, I'll be happy to write some code, I just don't want
> duplication of effort.

I hacked dpkg-scanpackages the next day to do this, and then realized
it was pointless.  The md5sums are what take by far the most time.
For a while I decided that was okay and just looked at file
sizes/timestamps to decide whether a .deb with the same name was newer
than the one in the current Packages file, but in the end I just split
up my directory.

Anyway, I mention this just so that if anyone else decides at some
point that they have a use for such a tool and find this message, they
won't have to write code.

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