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Re: Pgcc in Deb

On 4 Apr 2000, John Goerzen wrote:

> > I mean *maximum* here. About 50% was something I saw at the extreme for a
> > 3d visualization that I was developing when I used -march=i586. I don't
> > think it can get any better. However, I would estimate something better
> > than 5% on the average. Up to 10% for the pessimistic, and up to 20% for the
> > optimistic estimate.
> Again highly inaccurate.  Run wmcpu sometime on a workstation that
> only you are using.  Note the CPU load meter at the top.  Note how
> there is usually ZERO CPU activity, and that most of the rest will
> occur while accessing the drive (if you have IDE disks).  No matter
> how good it is, no optimizer can achieve a 5% speedup on a program
> that spends over 99% of its lifetime idle anyway.

year ago i used slackware in my desktop computer. i compiled some of
mostly used programs with pgcc (X, gcc (and pgcc), wmaker, apache, php,
also kernel). some times later, i tired use libc5 based system and i
installed debian (again) and felt that my machine worked slower.

some programs (and libs), that never (or mostly does not) idle (X servers,
compressing, (de)crypting utilities (== mp3 players)), must be distributed
for different processor types (386, 486, ...). also, please visit
http://home.cyber.ee/helger/fastidea/ to feel the extreme difference.

ps. as you understand, my englist is not good. if you have commens about
my english, please don't send it to public list :)

PGP public key: http://okul.bumpclub.ee/pubkey.asc

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