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Re: Pgcc in Deb

Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> writes:

> I think the answer is this: it is felt by debian developers that pgcc 
> deserves more: it should be included in its own architecture, You may

Well I think you mischaracterize the majority feeling here, as adding
separate architectures with different binaries for each architecture
containing multiple processor revisions on the same family would lead
to huge bloat on the order of multiple gigabytes in the distribution.
Furthermore, I feel that efforts to establish a new x86 architecture
at this late point in the game (where even Intel acknowledges its
obsolecense) is not worthy of our efforts.

> know that we have the architecture called 'i386', well, pgcc would come
> in the architecture called 'i586' with the idea that all packages in
> debian would be compiled with pgcc for i586 architecture.
> I have heard discussion to this effect, so I suspect that some work 
> or at least exploration of this possibility has been done. I don't
> know its status. 
> (All: does anyone know curr stat of any such?)
> -Jim
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