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Re: END Key in Emacs (only in Xterm)

Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

> "infocmp xterm linux" reveals that kend is defined the same for both
> terminal types, and the default xterm Xresources file explicitly binds the
> End key to ESC [ 4 ~.  If xemacs can't handle that I suggest you contact
> its package maintainer.

infocmp must not be telling the whole story.

The END key does not work in "emacs20 -nw" in an xterm with
"TERM=xterm", but it does work with "TERM=xterms" and
"infocmp xterm xterms" returns no differences at all.

Run "emacs20 -nw" from an xterm with TERM=xterm, type
"M-x describe-bindings-internal" and 635 lines down (it's
easiest to search on "home") you will find this:

  M-[ 4 ~         select
  [snip 9 lines]
  M-[ 1 ~         home

Do this again with TERM=xterms and 631 lines down you will find:

  M-[ 4 ~         end
  [snip 5 lines]
  M-[ 1 ~         home

The problem exists with both versions of emacs, but emacs19 doesn't
have the describe-bindings-internal function.

This is with an up to date potato system running xterm 3.3.6-6,
emacs20 20.5a-2, and emacs19 19.34-26.3.

Kirk Hilliard

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