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Re: [PROPOSAL] update-binfmts - manages the binfmt_misc kernel module

> But I can certainly imagine that many packages would want to have this
> sort of module dependency: for instance, I saw mention of lm-sensors
> recently, and it might want to depend on something like
> kernel-module-i2c.

I think that kernel-module dependencies are probably a bad way to go:

1) many modules can also be compiled directly into the kernel, so checking
for them is difficult. :) 

2) the mere fact that a module exists in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ doesn't
ensure that it actually works or has been correctly configured. 

Maybe a simple note (perhaps in the package description and also in the
readme.debian) that this package won't work without some kernel feature or
another is the simplest way to go. 


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