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Re: eximconfig: Option 4, Local delivery only

On Fri 31 Mar 2000, Jose Marin wrote:
> I was wondering if eximconfig is doing the right thing for this option. I
> have machines which are connected on a network, and I want to have a MTA
> but only for the benefit of apps like cron or debconf which need to send
> local mail.
> I expected that Option 4 of eximconfig (Local delivery only) would block
> any TCP/IP conections to exim, but it doesn't; I'm still able to send
> e-mail from a different machine successfully.  Shouldn't eximconfig warn
> about this?  Or am I missing something?  (very likely)
> Anyway, what's the best way to achieve what I want?  Run exim from inetd
> via tcp wrappers and protect it in hosts.deny?  Run exim as a daemon and
> give it an option to not listen to port 25, or not use SMTP transport at
> all?  All I want is local mail.

IMHO configure it to not use SMTP at all, that should be the default
(again, IMHO) if you choose option 4. I don't think that any daemons
etc. try to deliver to a local user via SMTP.

Paul Slootman
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