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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for March 31, 2000


> Package: libtool (debian/main)
> Maintainer: Ossama Othman <ossama@debian.org>
>   61314  libtool build hack breaks ports

I'm currently away attending a conference so it's a bit hard for me to
work on this.  An NMU would be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll do
my best to get this fixed sometime this weekend.

Ossama Othman <ossama@ece.uci.edu>
Distributed Object Computing Laboratory, Univ. of California at Irvine
1024D/F7A394A8 - 84ED AA0B 1203 99E4 1068  70E6 5EB7 5E71 F7A3 94A8

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