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Re: How to hide/show cursor without Ncurses ?

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 12:22:56PM +0100, lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it wrote:
> The ones you called "weenie dos programmer" were not so "weenie",
> because the old Ms-dos worked on PCs with a Ibm 80x25 terminal in the
> 90-95% of cases.
> Then that assumption was a standard "de facto"...

and it was proven to be a broken assumption when 80x43 and other
screen sizes became common. as has been proven over and over again in
the history of computing, hard-coding assumptions about screen size,
terminal type, or other output characteristics is just plain wrong (and
is doomed to cause significant problems in the near future).

> Anyway, you didn't answer to my question !

yes i did.  my answer was that you were asking the wrong question.


craig sanders

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