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Re: debconf: how to configure non-interactive install

Thomas Gebhardt wrote:
> yes, that's what I want to do. My aim is to use FAI (Fully automated
> installation, cf. http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/) for
> the installation of potato. Currently FAI tries to install the
> packages non-interactively with the default values (using
> various heuristics such as '(yes "" | dpkg --configure -a') and
> configures the system with cfengine. It would be nice to supply
> a native debconf method for configuration.

If you are willing to accept the defaults specified in debconf packages,
you can just set DEBIAN_FRONTENT=Noninteractive in the environment before
running dpkg, and debconf will use the defaults for everything.

If you need to change defaults for some reason, it grows more complicated,
and you'll have to pre-seed the answer database before installing stuff.

see shy jo

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