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Re: debconf: how to configure non-interactive install


> Do you want to go in and change defaults in the database? Yes, that's
> doable, though there is no well-polished program to do it as of yet.

yes, that's what I want to do. My aim is to use FAI (Fully automated
installation, cf. http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/) for
the installation of potato. Currently FAI tries to install the
packages non-interactively with the default values (using
various heuristics such as '(yes "" | dpkg --configure -a') and
configures the system with cfengine. It would be nice to supply
a native debconf method for configuration.

I will be absent for a couple of weeks in the near future, so don't
bother if I do not reply to emails.

Thanks, Thomas

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