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Re: Advice on inetd Denial of Service Bug

On Thu 30 Mar 2000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> As to the dependency on fuser, hmm, now what's that thing called netstat(1)
> which happens to be in your package and also happens to have a flag called
> -p? :)

   $ man netstat
          netstat   [-venaoc]   [--tcp|-t]   [--udp|-u]   [--raw|-w]
          [--groups|-g] [--unix|-x] [--inet|--ip]  [--ax25]  [--ipx]

          netstat   [-veenc]  [--inet]  [--ipx]  [--netrom]  [--ddp]
          [--ax25] {--route|-r}

          netstat [-veenpac] {--interfaces|-i} [iface]

          netstat [-enc] {--masquerade|-M}

          netstat [-cn] {--netlink|-N}

          netstat {-V|--version} {-h|--help}


Hmm, I don't see -p

      -p, --programs
          displays process name and PID of the owner of each  socket
          it dumps. You have to be the owner of such process to have
          all it's sockets matched to it or generally root user will
          see all the necessary information in place.

Ah, it's not in the synopsis, but _is_ described.

BTW: it should be "all its sockets", no apostrophe.

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