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Re: first draft "aptitude howto"

In article <cistron.20000328003239.A7694@lina.inka.de>,
Bernd Eckenfels  <ecki@lina.inka.de> wrote:
>With those two keys you usually will type 'u' and then 'f' in aptitude to
>reset it to its default working mode. In that mode you have a list of:
>If you have a packe selected, you will get information about it in the
>status line. The 'i' key will show the information/description of the
>package, the <enter> key a more complete information about the debian
>package system values for this package. To leave the information screens,
>you can use the 'q' key. Within the main tree, the 'q' key will quit the

.. etc

I see you need to know a lot of keys. I think that is non-intuitive;
a full screen interface should have pulldown menus (perhaps with
shortcuts), a command line interface has switches.

I really hope someone comes up with a simple selfexplanatory
intuitive menu-based full-screen interface - it's the #1 thing
keeping people away from debian.

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