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Permissions/ownerships of /cdrom and /floppy


The following bug (#25847) is currently assigned to base-files:

> The mountpoints /cdrom and /floppy are set to g+wxs. However, I think that
> the g+w flag is of no use here, as when a fstab entry with 'user' option
> enabled is mounted, the access flags are changed and the mount point is
> owned by respective user since then anyway. So the g+w just allows users in
> the cdrom and floppy groups to store files on your root partition (when
> /cdrom resp. /floppy is not mounted), which I don't consider useful.
> I doubt that the g+s is of any use as well, and so is the setting of the
> gids of these mountpoints to group cdrom resp. floppy.

I think the submitter is right, and will therefore make /floppy and /cdrom
to be mode 755 and root.root. However, I'm not a guru on mount options.
If there is anybody who find the current permissions useful then please
speak now, before I change them.

[ I'm Cc:ing the former base-files maintainer ].


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