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Re: Entering in the Official Debian's distribution

On Wednesday 29 March 2000, at 13 h 59, the keyboard of 
lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it wrote:

> How can a programmer have the right of putting his own program on the
> Official Debian's Distribution ?


Debian lesson #1 <http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/developers-refere

Debian lesson #2 <http://www.internatif.org/bortzmeyer/debian/sponsor/>


The inclusion of a package into Debian depends only on one maintainer packaging the software and uploading it. There is no central decision or vote to include or reject a package. Therefore, you have to find a volunteer (any Debian maintainer, they are several hundreds). Asking on debian-devel is a good idea, just be sure you include the licence and the address to download your software.


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