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Re: ITP: gnuplot-mode

Thank you for your comment.

>>>>> In <200003281741.MAA04998@mixing.qc.dfo.ca> 
>>>>>	Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> wrote:

P.S.G.> I'll be interested in looking at it (you didn't provide a URL).

P.S.G.> I don't use gnuplot, but this looks like it would help the
P.S.G.> learning curve.  I also wrote gri-mode, the major-mode used for
P.S.G.> Gri, so I'm interested in this code for comparison.

P.S.G.> I think your description is way too long.  Most of that info
P.S.G.> should be in a man page or README file.  I'd suggest:

P.S.G.> Package: gnuplot-mode
P.S.G.> Architecture: all
P.S.G.> Depends: emacs20 | xemacs20-mule | xemacs20-mule-canna-wnn | xemacs20-nomule | xemacs21-mule | xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn, gnuplot
P.S.G.> Description: A gnuplot mode for Emacs. 
P.S.G.>  Gnuplot is a major mode for Emacs favours with the following features: 
P.S.G.>   - Functions for plotting lines, regions, entire scripts, or entire files 
P.S.G.>   - Graphical interface to setting command arguments 
P.S.G.>   - Syntax colorization 
P.S.G.>   - Completion of common words in Gnuplot
P.S.G.>   - Code indentation
P.S.G.>   - On-line help using Info for Gnuplot functions and features 
P.S.G.>   - Interaction with Gnuplot using comint 
P.S.G.>   - Pull-down menus plus a toolbar in XEmacs 
P.S.G.>   - Distributed with a quick reference sheet in postscript.

Ok, I rewrite the description field as you say.

P.S.G.> And even so, most of the features listed above should be in a
P.S.G.> README file instead.

P.S.G.> Also, can you depend on `emacsen' instead of the long list?
No, may be. this mode cannot used in x?emacs19 series smoothly.

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