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Re: Fwd: Re: unable to execute

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Tristan Savatier wrote:

> Yes, but I have not received it.
> We have received several email of people reporting that mtv/mtvp
> does not work at all on some recent distributions of Corel linux.
> Is Corel Linux based on Debian ?

yes it is.

> In all cases, 'mtvp -h' seg faults immediately.  
> normally 'mtvp -h' should just print a help  message
> and exit.

I just checked on my Corel box. You have two version of mtv
available: one for glibc2.0 and the for glibc2.1

It works (well runs, I have no VCDs to test with at work) and display
help (mtvp -h). Even the graphical intreface works too. That .deb was

When I install the glibc2.1 version (mtv_1.1.0.20-3_i386.deb) it
promptly fails. You don't seem to have any dependancy information in
your .deb's which is probably a bad thing.

Debian 2.1 ships with libc6-; Corel has the same
version. Debian 2.2 has libc6-2.1.3-7 (currently). Perhaps depending
on the right version of the libc6 would be good. Also for the glibc2.0
version you provide an SDL deb, yet it isn't depended upon.

>  usually when this type of thing happens, it is something
> broken with the libraries.  mtvp is one of the few multithreaded
> applications, and anything broken in the thread support would be fatal
> for mtvp.

They've installed the wrong version; perhaps updating your ver web
site with information for Corel would be useful too.


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