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Re: Debconf question

> > I tryed adding this to the template and config file of both packages and
> > hoped that after installing one lib, "db_get shared/ldapns/ldap-server"
> > for the other lib would return the value entered in the first lib.
> > But it didn't work. Any help would appreciated :)
> Hm. That should work. Any package can access the values of any question in
> the debconf database.
Ok, stupid me. I had a line likes this in my debian/config:
"db_input medium shared/ldapns/ldap-server || true"
So, the question is allways asked. Currently I do something like this:
db_metaget shared/ldapns/ldap-server owners
if [ "libpam-ldap" = $RET ] || [ "$1" = "reconfigure" ]; then
        db_input medium shared/ldapns/ldap-server || true 
This works, debconf asks for the ldap-server, if libpam-ldap is the first
package that sets this value and if shared/ldapns/ldap-server is allready
owned by another package, debconf is quiet. 
Do you think this is ok? Or is there a better way to handle this?

> see shy jo

P.S. debconf for libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap is almost complete. I am looking
for an expert for PAM. I made a set of ldap enabled pam files for libpam-ldap
(i used the pam.d/* in base-files as template) and I would be very happy if 
someone could have a look at them.
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