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Re: RBL report..

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> ORBS deserves special mention because of their insane hit count, I don't
> know what that is about but ORBS would block 10% of the mails we get. I
> think it is without question that the majority of those blocks are
> legitimate mails. ORBS is also almost completely inclusive of the RSS and
> RBL.

ORBS blocks all open relays. A lot of people have open relays. Since open
relays still do not have any reason for existence other than admin
ignorance, the "correct" way here would be to block all open relays and
then fix the mail servers. ORBS really cuts down on spam, the accounts I
have protected by ORBS usually only get one type of spam: that is spam
resent via mailing lists.

> * Note, once a site is listed in one of these RBLs it becomes impossible
> for a user to unsubscribe from our lists - no matter what they do they
> will never be able to communicate a bounce or a unsubscribe request - this
> is pretty bad.

Hmmm actually, I use Exim, and Exim has a way to configure
"exceptions" from RBL blocks. So you could enter an
unsubscribe-alias-email-address into these exceptions.


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