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Re: RBL report..

* Jason Gunthorpe (jgg@ualberta.ca) [000326 08:45]:
>    ORBS - 314
>   Comparing connections it is found that 3970 out of 40236 connection
>   attempts would have been blocked. This can be roughly considered to be
>   3970 emails blocked.
> ORBS deserves special mention because of their insane hit count, I don't
> know what that is about but ORBS would block 10% of the mails we get. I
> think it is without question that the majority of those blocks are
> legitimate mails. ORBS is also almost completely inclusive of the RSS and
> RBL.

ORBS has a slightly different (broader and maybe better) goal then the 
the others. It actively scans the net for open mail relays, warns 
the operators of these machines multiple times with exact descriptions 
of what they are doing, trying to accomplish (ie closing open mail relays)
which problems have been found, how to fix them (plus necessary pointers
to other sites) and how to get of the list. Only then the machine is added 
to the list.


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