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Re: NIS+ Client Support Available / libpam_unix help needed

> The integration of the Debian NIS+ package in the Debian distribution would 
> proceed faster, if somebody else would be looking in the PAM problem. I think 
> some experience with the libpam_unix implementation is required. Certainly, 
> nis+ access would be an advantage.

Just to clarify what needs to be done. I did not want to include a module
called pam_unix2.so for fear of confusion with users. What I would like to
see is the NIS+ functionality from pam_unix2.so to be merged into and work
seemlessly with the current pam_unix.so. Atleast this way, the changes can
be merged upstream, and integration is easier (e.g. just add "nisplus" to
the modules options in the pam config files to enable the functionality).

The folks the did all the work for this need a big "thank you" for the
work they have been doing.


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