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ITP: GOB [Was: Re: GOB package?]

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 09:38:50AM -0500, Peter Teichman wrote:

> A quick search through debian-devel and wnpp yields no ITP for

Indeed.  I'd been wondering if it were packaged under an unusual name or

> gob.. Maybe someone would like to pick it up?

I'll do it myself if nobody else has a burning desire to, although quite
probably on the basis that anyone else who wants to take it is welcome 

>From the web page (http://www.5z.com/jirka/gob.html):

  GOB is a preprocessor for making GTK+ objects with inline C code so
  that generated files are not editted. Syntax is inspired
  by java and yacc or lex. The implementation is intentionaly kept simple,
  and no C actual code parsing is done. 

The license is GPL.

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