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Re: Null Pointer exceptions in servlets since latest Apache/Jserv update

Andreas Tille wrote:

> java.lang.NullPointerException:
> where line 70 is something like
>       rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Table");

This simply means that stmt is NULL at this point, i.e. the previous call
to Connection.createStatement() failed. We can't help you unless you post
the whole source file.

> I have included the line
>    repositories=/usr/share/java/servlets,/usr/share/java/freetds_jdbc.jar
> in /etc/jserv/zones/root.properties.

You should not do this as the classes in the propsitory are loaded using a
special classloader which detects changes files. You should rather put
freetds_jdbc.jar into wrapper.classpath in /etc/jserv/jserv.properties and
make sure that the system classes (classes.zip for JDK 1.1) are also included
in this classpath.

BTW: This is the wrong mailinglist for this question, please use debian-user
next time (it's also off topic on debian-java).

Stefan Gybas

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