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Re: ITP: solfege


Gary Willis (www.garywillis.com) did a little ear training thing on
his web site; he is a master level bassist (really, master among
masters) and is also very generous with info about how to play. The
ear training drills are geared towards the instrument, and go
primarilary to a "hear note ==> know position of note instantly" kind
of approach. Would this kind of thing fit in with solfege?

Also, I wrote some c++ abstractions that might be useful: Note,
Interval and Scale. The latter is presently implemented as a class
containing a vector<Interval>. A Chord can be done using a Scale;
a Voicing might be a bit different.

Last, my music teacher is presently writing an ear training book; he
has already wrote two beginning theory books, one on fundamentals
and the other on chords. Other than the ear training requirement, 
the study of these can be used as prereq to functional harmony.
I bring him up because a collaboration may be possible. If there
is interest, I will contact him to see if he is also interested.


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