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Re: Bug#60753: mutt: /etc/Muttrc should not use colors

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 02:30:55AM -0600, Zed Pobre wrote:
>     From my experiments with the above, only two things behave in a
> way that I would expect an unfamiliar user to find strange: asymmetry
> in PgUp/PgDown behaviour, and maybe UpArrow and DownArrow moving
> between messages instead of up and down single lines in a viewed
> message.  That can be fixed with three lines:
> set pager_stop
> bind pager <up> previous-line
> bind pager <down> next-line

These lines are great for a new mutt user. They really should be in the
/etc/Muttrc file... at least commented out and documented. postinst could
even mention that such sane bindings exist.

LeftArrow goes to previous message when in paged view... so why does
UpArrow? It's very intuitive to use UpArrow to scroll up the current
screen.  ditto for RightArrow/DownArrow.

>     On the other hand, maybe the project really would find those three
> lines more convenient to have as defaults.  How about it, folks,
> anyone in favor of adding the three lines above to the default
> /etc/Muttrc?


Luca Filipozzi

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