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Re: sendmail M4 to run DNS based spam filters per RCPT

On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 09:41:11AM -0800, brian moore wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 08:24:52PM -0800, Bill Jennings wrote:
>> Previously Scott Jennings wrote:
>>> I've written an M4 file for sendmail 8.9.3, and packaged it up as
>>> a debian package.
>> Configuration on a per-user basis is the main purpose of this
>> hack.  On our network, user <abuse@oro.net> needs to be able
>> to get mail from all sites [ . . . ] (e.g. best.com).
> Yep, we run something very much like the above here.  Users can
> customize their settings (with an additional hack of my own
> doing for my own person list) with a handy CGI.  I would very
> much like to see the above in Debian.

OK, Now I've really done it.  This is now three M4 files.  Two
feature hacks and a common.

The new feature adds four new test options in addition to

If an entry uses :RBL: mail from Black-Holed sites will bounce
transient.  If an entry uses :XRBL: it will be delivered, with an
X-Spam: header, including an explanation/notice and the URL to
the page for that IP, showing the evidence spam etc.

I'll build the new package now.....

Getting sendmail to insert conditional headers is a real bear.


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