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Re: Bug#60399: crashes on installation

Ben Collins wrote:

> That simply produces a tarfile. I was suggesting to actually extract,
> which unpacks the tarball itself.
> Anyway, if the problem is gone, it's going to be hard to track it
> down.

For the record, I did a clean install yesterday with the standard boot
floppies and experienced the same problem during dselect's installation
of all the standard packages.  I hit enter and saw that on the second go
around man-db unpacked just fine.

I don't have a spare machine lying around and don't feel like hosing my
man install so I can't go back and reproduce it.  Any clean install
would have the problem though, I guess.

(BTW, at what point should we trim To: and Cc:?  If I had sent this to
just the bug database and debian-devel would that have been enough to
have it propogate to the right people?)

Brian Kimball

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