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Embedded(/RT) Debian? Embeddian GNU/Linux?


does anybody know, wether there are ideas or plans to make
an Debian GNU/Linux especially for embedded and/or realtime
systems, i.e. "Embedian GNU/Linux"?  I think, that the
Linux Router Project was once based on Debian, but this is
very specialised on one task.  And I don't know what Mobile
Linux (Crusoe) will be.

I think, that the standard Debian GNU system is not well
suited for embedded systems, because

- policy requires docs and man pages, but one does not want
  any docs or man pages on an embedded system;

- the base system/required packages is far too much for
  embedded systems, e.g. one does not want perl necessarily;

- packages have to be even more fine-grained, or one does
  need some options to install packages partially.

OTOH, embedded Debian GNU would be cool, because,

- superior package management;

- large number of packages in potato;

- good Debian infrastructure;

- it would be easy to have one distribution, that would
  work for a lot of different computers, like routers,
  telephones, VCRs, ATMs, washing machines, PDAs...

Well, is there sth. like this already or are people working
on this?

W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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