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Re: Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

>I'd like to propose that we make a committment to
>getting an update to
>potato out within a month of the release of the 2.4
>kernel or the 
>of potato, whichever comes last. (I did a similar
>thing for slink in a 
>week time-frame, and so I think this is a reasonable
>This update would NOT be blessed as stable, it would
>be a semi-stable
>release with:
>- 2.4 kernel and support utilities
>- X 4.0 drivers (but probably just X servers, to
>minimize changes; 
>  has huge reorganizations in mind for X)
>This would be a full Debian release, with a version
>number, boot 
>CD images, etc, etc. After it ages for a few months,
>we may choose to 
>it stable but at first it would be called something
>that denotes it is

It wouldn't be potato anymore, it wouldn't be woody
either, why not call the interm release 'Stinky' after
'Stinky Pete' from Toy Story 2?  Sounds like a good
plan.  Going to the 2.4 kernel is NOT going to be just
a compile and go, there are several things that have
to change (fstab, init.d , etc) that should be built
into the distro.

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